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Saturday, September 24, 2005

a genuine farewell

<-- to your left - my famous moment in the Inside Out, Roanoke Times, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2005.

i'm sitting here at the Easy Chair coffee shop, devouring my egg & cheese sammich, hoping that some food in my stomach and some strong brew of a coffee will reduce the pains of a really bad hangover, and i'm overcome with nostalgia and gratitude.

the signing went incredibly well. i got in at 630pm or so and came into this huge display for me. it was so nice!!! Russell put to good use my illustrations and had my books all on display.

i was really touched by all the folks that came in, in particular my kids who i teach art to (some really talented kids..can't wait to see what they come up with as they get older), my middle school art teacher, the delightful Ms. Olin, family friends who i hadn't been in touch with but saw my article in the paper, my professor/mentor-for-life/dear friend, Dr. Joe Germana, my college friends who drove in from Northern Virginia and Maryland just to show their support, a childhood friend who i've known since i was 8, and all my friends, co-workers, old and new, who gave me their word that they would be there, and followed through. seriously, i know there are good people in the world, but to find such great people all in one area just makes me in awe. thank you everyone!!!

so now i must leave and embark on the dread that is New York City. and i have, again, returned to being a live, headless chicken. only i'm hungover and lazy. i'm on my way, slowly, to getting out of here. i'm not in a rush. miriam is already at the apartment, settling in, and i am just reluctant to leave blacksburg. i have to admit it, i'm going to miss this place. to think that i've lived here for 15 years of my life just seems crazy....and to still love it so much, and to think that there is still so much more of it to see.

after the signing last night, i celebrated my "goodbye" with friends at my favorite pub, the underground. i ended up bumping into these kids i'd known all my life - kids i used to babysit, play soccer with in my backyard with my dad and my sister, go to swimmeets see them all grown up and healthy and doing well -- it was amazing. it was so proper to bump into all of them too, being it was my last night on the town for awhile.

i took some crazy pictures, too...which i will be photoblogging shortly.

well. good times, good times. i have a lot of good memories to run through my head on the road to New York. i think they'll last me a good while.

thanks, Blacksburg. see you soon.

happy entrails,


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