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Thursday, September 22, 2005

bad photography.

okay, this will not be the first time i say this, but my life is really weird (or maybe it's just me). i got home tonight and found a few packages in the mail that i'd been waiting for. so one of these packages included some black & whites i'd recently sent off to get developed for some clients of mine, and i'd thrown in an old B&W roll from years ago that never got developed.

so i open the package and all of a sudden i'm in the middle of my senior year at virginia tech with my bestfriend and our ex-boyfriends, hanging out in my dorm room. and i'm taken back to la jolla, mission beach, and santa barbara, a few places my bestfriend and i stopped on our first california roadtrip together after we'd graduated from tech.

the night gets exceedingly more absurd.

so if you read the last post, you will have noticed that i have my cracked-out neurotic moments. well, since the whole "wednesday, sept 21" thing on the Inside Out confused the crap out of me, i decided that i had to drive into town and find myself a copy of wednesday's paper to make sure i hadn't missed my own article in the paper.

so here i am, parked outside foodlion, going through my purse, trying to find my wallet for change to put into the newstand.

and i can't find my wallet. in fact, i realize at that moment that i'd left it at home. i'm slightly incensed at this point (because it's a quarter til four in the morning), and i continue to tear up the rest of my car for change, until i notice headlights behind me.

it's the newspaper guy. so, instinctually, i jump out of my car and go up to him and ask him, " that uh, today's paper?" the dude is super nice and let's me look through it. like the hugest dork in the world, i go through it and see my face, and say, "oh well, heh, there i am!"


so i buy a few off of him and now here i am, with my night completely shot. God, i'm an idiot. i used to publish all the time in the Collegiate Times and now i am full of energy from being published in the local paper. well, hey, it is in color.

but i'm sure i'm going to have to respond to a few inquiring-are-you-gay-or-straight stares at my signing which is rather annoying. (i'm not gay! but my friends are.) i also have to apologize to my friend because that really wasn't meant for..heh, um, public forum...i don't think she'll be mad, .. she might actually like that. guess we'll have to see.

so in those photos that arrived in the mail that had me down on a trip through memory lane -- yeah. terrible photos, which i took. black and white really doesn't capture the small-ranged versatility of the beach.

it's always interesting to look at old work. there's always some kind of alienation you go through....and that was really only a couple years ago.

happy entrails.


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