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Friday, September 23, 2005


well again, it is 4am, and i am UP, which is not good, of course, but i have so many obligations tomorrow, and i am not close to finishing.

i can't believe i'm going to be in new york this weekend.

work today was relaxing for a change. normally i'm trying to calm down my kids, who, after being released from school, tend to favor unruly behavior. usually i am sleep-deprived (or, in unmentionable worse states) and angry or cranky and in need of coffee. but today they were really calm and inquisitive of my future plans in the big city.

before i knew it, about three kids and i were engulfed in drawing silly cartoons on the dry erase board, adding/subtracting eyeballs, noses, and gas-suggestive illustrations. it was great, and then we got busted by my boss (we were just making too much noise). all too often, i get in trouble WITH the kids. hmm.

how did i end up making this a more personal blog again? i thought i wasn't going to do that this time. =P.

UGH. tomorrow. STRESSSSS.


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