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Thursday, September 22, 2005

oh shit

well, they spelled my name wrong at the top (dammit, well, bound to happen), and now i'm confused..i thought the IO came out...thursday? i hope i didn't miss out on the paper version.

anyhow, the paper people chose, OF ALL THE FREAKING MILLIONS OF DRAWINGS I GAVE THEM, the lesbian tattoo i did for a friend. NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY, but i just wonder how many people are going to peg me a lesbian now.

i can just see it now, at the blacksburg high reunion which i will more than likely fail to go to (unless i'm FAMOUS! then i'll send a few representatives and show up in my private helicopter with some badass bodyguards, heh), people talking about the unusual number of gay women that popped out from our class, "oh yeah, did you guys know that Vanissa came out too? yeah it was a couple years ago...go figure, she was always into sports, didn't date in high school and was all artsy and stuff..."

ah, well, worse things have happened.

anyway, so now i'm wondering if i should go out in the dark of the night and find some of yesterday's copies of the Inside Out because on the top it says, "Wednesday, Sept. 21."

can anyone help me here?!!

and i was going to have a calm-collected-contemplative-early-morning-intellectual-bullshit-post too, CRAP!!!

okay, i've just come home to too many surprises. there is no chance in hell i am going to sleep tonight. i have too much work to do. AAAUUUGGGHHH


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