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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

floaties on! everything's fine. please smack me aside the head.

so driving towards christiansburg last night to pick up fresh new copies of the revised version of Romance 101, it occurred to me how bad my memory is because i was thinking about this really great thing to blog about, and how i often come upon these totally blog-worthy moments and never blog them because i forget...for example, the thing i was thinking about was totally bloggable - i mean, complete geniusness, and now i have already forgotten.

are you confused? i am.

do you realize how cursed a short memory is?!!! it's tragic in a memento kind of way.

i have a really bad memory, apparently.

so if you're ever in a conversation with me, and i tell you something i have already told you, please don't be offended. it has nothing to do with you. although, if you smack me aside the head, maybe i'll remember. if everyone were to smack me aside the head every time i had a memory fart like that, think of the conditioning that it would put me through! then my genius ideas could be released into fruition through blogging, and my geniusness would finally be recognized and i would no longer offend or annoy any of my friends because i keep repeating these stories about my life!

oh yes, i remember now. no wait, i don't. was it my love for mega m&m's i wanted to express? or baked, i already talked about those. the fact that i need new running shoes, the gym membership i never use.....dammit, it's's's.....vaporized into thin air. DAMMIT!!!!!!

something has come back. i think i wanted to express drooling over the new drawing pens at mish mish - refillable, the nibs are replaceable...(is that how you spell replaceable?!!?), and they're made out of some really light metal and have this really cool touch to it. aaahhhh FANTASTIC ART PENS aaahhhhhh. was that it? that wasn't so brilliant! someone please smack me aside the head.

anyway. there is 1 bid on my car on ebay. 4 days left. there better be more bids.

kids, let this be a lesson for you. don't do crack.


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