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Friday, September 23, 2005

adam, thank you

in all of this madness, i forgot to compliment and thank with complete gratitude, adam, my friend and interviewer for the roanoke times. the piece made me laugh, to be honest, as it reminded me of the great chemistry between the two of us, and of course, that raspy voice of his. comparing me to a, "feverish ant" was icing on the cake, and just how involved the interview got...

i feel like i'm all over the place in the interview, but i guess that's how i am =P. it was much, much worse in realtime, and i only pity adam for having to wade through all the bullshit in order to link together the piece with the pressure of making ME sound coherent. i don't know how possible that is, but from what friends have said about the article, they got it and liked it a lot.

i do have friends making fun of my crossed-eyes and red face in the pictures, but that's not really anyone's fault except for God's, and the ricockulous dispositions He put upon me. asshole.

anyway, thank you again, to my friend adam, who i sadly will have to part from, like blacksburg, much too soon.


  • At 6:26 AM , Anonymous Joe K said...

    Great use of 'ricockulous'. You get a gold star!! :)


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