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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

free parking kicks a**!

hello. i'm typing from Easy Chair Coffee. i'm giddy with strange nervousness right
now. i'm not sure what it is. excitement for New York, the booksigning, all this crap that is happening AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.....

or maybe i have butterflies in my stomach because i know i am going to the gym in about ten minutes and i'm going to run my booty off after not having been serious about any workout (a rarity for me) for about 3 or 4 months.

well, one thing is for sure, tomorrow is Thursday and i'm nervous because my mug is going to be in the paper tomorrow, and i'm scared that they're using the pictures i *didn't particularly like of myself*. i hope that's not the case. the one that i'm posting here is the one i hope they use (please please please). this is a little be in the paper. a little strange, but it is an interesting contrast to what i'll be feeling when i'm as valuable as the dogshit on the sidewalk by my apartment building.

i just keep thinking to myself, rooftop parties at my complex, network, network, space, walking around with a tie and not being mistaken for a little chinese boy.......or feeling like the only asian within my vicinity.

my agent told me yesterday how you just can't let the overwhelming intimidation of the city eat you up, because if you let it, you'll just lose and weeks will go by and nothing will be done.

for this reason alone, i am terrified.

on a positive note, the personal life that had plunged and caved in last week has taken a detour, which could also partly account for my particularly peppy attitude.


tomorrow is my last art class with my kids at my job. and i'm giving away free cartoons.

and get this - i remembered what i was going to blog about earlier. it was that my meter was out of order this morning down by bollo's cafe and i got to park downtown FOR FREE! yes, i know, that is retarded and the kind of retardedness that shouldn't even be blogged about. but i laugh at myself, so that's what matters.

happy entrails,


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