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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

well, it's official. my bestfriend miriam and i are moving to brooklyn - williamsburg, to be exact. as you can see in the picture, we're taking it on, full-force.

things are pretty crazy for me right now. trying to sell my car, consolidate my funds, work on my new website (which will be completely designed by me), finish up commissioned work, schedule future gallery showings, and work out my work schedule for september, my last month here in the burg.

i am super nervous, and super excited...a little sad. i know i'm going to be pretty nostalgic. afterall, blacksburg is my hometown.

i've met a lot of incredible people here. a lot of people who have helped me, and who have taught me more about myself.....

thanks everyone, i'll miss all of you. please get in your goodbyes, because you never know. it could be for forever.


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