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Thursday, August 18, 2005

hello folks! it's been awhile since i updated. i've been laying really low the past few weeks due to surgery and multiple doctor/hospital visits. well, now that i'm back....

things are well. easy chair did this really nice thing where they displayed this huge poster i made for romance 101. i'll have to post a picture later. i think it will be good, especially since the virginia tech kids are coming back into town.

my third project, "Love Is Freedom," has taken a backseat to some other work i've been doing. i'm trying to pump up my portfolio for grad school so i've been spending a lot of time drawing naked people and stuff like that (groovy). i've also been working on character sketches of the older versions of James and Ophelia for my graphic novel.

one thing i wanted to post about was my account on Flickr.Com. it is predominantly a photography site, and i had, up until now, utilized it as such for a way to bring some exposure to my work as a photographer. however, i decided today that i'd wing it and upload some of my artwork.

so.....that is available for viewing here. i have also added a direct link to the link list at the right of my page. all my work on flickR is divided by sets (which can be found on the left side of the page), and is organized that way, so that is how i would suggest viewing my work.

thanks for reading!


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