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Sunday, August 07, 2005

the side picture exemplifies a small view of what my booth looked like for Steppin' Out. with the exception of the entire second day, it was a pretty successful festival.

what happened was i was re-infected with strep throat, and by the second day, was not able to talk or even walk straight so i had friends set up and man the booth while i stayed at home hoping to recover quickly. it happened to rain a few times (which destroyed about three copies of Romance 101, grr), and without me being present and actively pushing my work, i think it was just hard for the remainders of my merchandise to catch the attention of browsers. :(

a surprise success however, was my second project, One Million Drawings. i had about seven box sets and all of them went by the end of the first day. this was very pleasing to me, considering the amount of work (hours) and frustration (figuring how to package it) that went in the the project. passerbyers who picked up the box would look into it and start laughing immediately, and usually by the end of their viewing, they realized they could not part with it :).

with that in mind, i would like to announce that 1 Million Drawings is up for sale through the internet, too. just email me and we can work out the transaction details. i'll have it going for $20 (which includes shipping) per box set.

there was some good networking that went on too, and i want to thank those of you who did take out your hand to me this weekend for being open with your interest.

other things i have for sale:
framed originals of 1 Million Drawings, $15 a piece (i have four left)
framed originals, miscellaneous, $10 (two left)
love plaques, $5
older ophelia paper mache box, $7 (two left)
art in a wooden frame, $7
boxes, miscellaneous, $7

and of course,
romance 101, $20 plus $3 shipping and handling.

thanks everyone.


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