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Thursday, December 15, 2005

take joy in all you do.

not well slept, and i'm up to finish a colored commissioned piece this morning. work's been killing me, but things are doing all right there that normal??? for me to actually ENJOY my day job?? it isn't normal. something must be fishy. =P

this weekend will be a SOCIAL weekend. i haven't had one of those in awhile. there is still a lot of work to do though. derek and i are busting out t-shirts and promo posters for his Knitting Factory show on Saturday. for two people who work full-time, network, and spend all the majority of their spare time working on lengthy creative projects, i have to say that i give the both of us props for barely being able to maintain the things that need to be done to live here in the city...(like, laundry at odd hours, and stuff..).

okay, that was a really badly written paragraph i realize. it's 8am and i've barely slept, and i feel weird and it is the morning, and i hate mornings..blablabalblablalba.

enjoy the microwave kitty.


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