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Monday, December 12, 2005

i'm whiny.

i think i have to repark my car. worst of all, i have to wake up ridiculously early and work a 12 hour day.

so it is december and the drama in my personal life hasn't seemed to end...however, there seems to be a divergence in that the drama is occurring nearby.........meaning, to people close to me, but i'm somehow not as involved, which is a really good thing.

so that means i'm doing something right. right?

i dunno.

the little boy is my bestfriend's 5 year old nephew caleb. i swear, he is the love of my life. tragically, he suffers from asperger's autism. he is also the most brilliant kid i have ever met. and he has these amazing blue eyes, and you can see him disappear into the world of his mind. he's beautiful. i love him.

the highlight of my day today: drawing in starbucks and giving my fish cartoon away to a bundled up little girl. she was a bit whiny because she was hungry, and her and her sister had to wait reluctantly for their mom to pick them up from, i'm guessing, being with the nannies. i think she was happy about the fish cartoon, but she was a bit pouty so i'm unsure. are so cute. (when they're not yours, i've learned.)

i'm anxious. i don't want to work. i'm also anxious because there is a lot going on in with every aspect of my life, work, business, personal, family...EVERYTHING. the year's..ack!! ACK!! i wish i could just skip the rest of december and all of january and get to february already. chinese new year is always a nice time.

year of the dog? yeah, year of the dog is next.

must get ready for bed. ciao.


  • At 1:19 PM , Blogger Tim said...

    Hi Vanissa. That's a great piece on the little boy crying.
    It's Tim again. Always pleased to see your posts.

  • At 10:25 PM , Blogger Daniel March said...

    My youngest brothers both have Asperger's Syndrome, yet they both do reasonably well in life. So far at least... So, hopefully he does just fine... It varies a lot from person to person I guess. Nice drawings by the way.


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