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Friday, November 18, 2005

here comes the end of the year...

so the end of the year is nearly here, and i'm trying not to let my prone-to-self-reflective head get to me too much. i've been reorganizing and reorganizing. my work schedule has been flipping on me, so readjusting has really been the issue. things take so long in this city. it's really weird.

turkey day is coming up and i'll be spending it with friends in jersey city, where i've never been. i'm excited to have a thanksgiving in New York. my last thanksgiving in New York was in Buffalo with my ex's was cold, but it had a nice old feel to it, and it was the best italian food of my life.

the talented and handsome Derek James and i have recently decided to join forces and animate a music video together. i just got back from spending nearly 4 hours storyboarding the entire video with him. it was geniusness at work!! it's going to be A LOT of work, but we're really excited, and i think it's going to turn out great and really make things happen for the both of us. i'll have some drawings of that up pretty soon. some t-shirts and posters will be in the works of getting produced as well, so be on the look out.

i'm also in the middle of building a desk for myself here at the apartment. it's a project that shouldn't take longer than another day. i need some sandpaper. luckily, there is a home depot conveniently down the street from where we live. seriously, things are so spread out and hidden away in this town, if it wasn't for mapquest and store locators, i would be so lost.

one more thing that i'm working on this next week is the third printing of Romance 101. it will be its debut printing in New York City, which i'm pretty excited about. i'm starting out with ten copies, and i think i've already sold about 7. if i keep this up, things could be really great for James and Ophelia.

the new Friendship 101 is coming along, too. my latest drawing is: Friends Defend Friends in Traffic. you should be able to preview that soon.

oh, and the fox, bunny, chair drawing is from a weird dream i had this morning. i was in a bunny suit and was traveling home from work (which was some kind of restaurant with a swimming/ocean literally had to swim to get to your tables), and well, rather than walking, i was riding a rolly chair that was actually a living, breathing thing. and all of a sudden i get attacked by these wolves (or, foxes..) with these crazy teeth.....and then i got woken up by a phonecall. so, that explains the drawing. i don't know if i'll take it any further. sure was fun to draw though.

time for a run. peace out.

happy entrails,


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