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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the update.

as impersonal as i try to be on this blog, it is clear that over time, my emotions shine through. things have been really strange for me lately here in the big apple, but i have to say, with the support from my roommates and my friends, perseverence has a chance.

it would be too easy for me to flee to the west coast, back into the safehaven of my home in las vegas, the security of my family, easy money and sunny days in the back of my head. what happened to the challenge of living here in the most amazing metropolis in the world?

i've given it a lot of thought. and the flight instinct has transformed into a fight instinct. i think i'm going to stick it out here.

thanks everyone for your support...whether e-words, or in-person hugs, it's your strength that's helped me arrive to this conclusion.


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