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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


<--passionate do-gooder, jessi robertson.

going to CBGB's gallery with new musician friends and to Bar4 for their open mic night was the perfect dessert for me after a stressful morning of driving around trying to navigate my way through brooklyn to get to my interview for a day job in Howard Beach (the job is in brooklyn heights but i had to go to Howard Beach, which is in queens for the interview). thank God it was broad daylight. i was in some pretty sketch hoods.

the little-roadtrip-gone-to-hell left me discouraged, tired, and a bit disgruntled. a driver can only take so many detours and one-way street maneuvering. it took me a full HOUR to travel 7 miles. that's how brooklyn streets are organized (they're not).

tonight i learned from a friend that East Williamsburg (where i live) is a nice name for Bushwick, which has always been known as a sketch neighborhood. isn't that fabulous?! yes, i think my neighborhood is a bit sketchy, and that the one thing good and safe about it is that my building is super nice and super safe.

but i pray for my car everyday.

though i went out, it was a fairly low key night for me. i was a bit introverted and out of it. i think i was mostly tired and i guess tiredness hikes up my shyness (which is usually zero, right??!!). even so, being around these crazy, poor, starving, passionate musicians renewed me. it gave me a bit of hope for my survival in NYC. there all here and starving. some of them aren't even legal immigrants. if they're here and happy and making it, so can i!

tomorrow will be filled with productivity (if i have it my way). i have a few illustrations that need to be perfected, scanned, and edited and re-edited, phone calls that need to be made, and some working out that needs to be done. i'm going to try and start it early...which means i better get off blogger and get some sleep.



  • At 10:28 AM , Anonymous wes said...

    hey technically bushwick is part of Williamsburg. So you can call it that :p


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