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Monday, October 03, 2005

a million new york minutes

days go by like minutes here. doing the network thing and meeting thousands of contacts, painting the walls of my new apartment, unpacking all my shit, finding time to draw in solitude and quiet, learning the ins and outs of my neighborhood, getting to know the train stops, arming myself with pepperspray, socializing with my new roommates, finding the best deals on groceries, gym memberships, and art supplies, dealing with the spontaneous weather, and trying to hold on to my agenda and focus while living in this crazy, existentialistic monster of a city.....

it's been hard to keep up. and so much has happened since my last post.

the top left hand graphic is a small piece i did for The Undisputed Heavyweights - this band i met a few nights ago when a new friend of mine invited me to the Local Correspondents, organized by the networking goddess, Jessi Robertson. they will be featuring my illustrations this month through ad posters they'll be putting up on billboards advertising their friday night residencies at Pianos on 158 Ludlow St.

this is good exposure for me....for sure.

so now i'm freaking out. things have to be perfect.

i'm trying to think of other news.

the weather is sucky. i knew i had to deal with this, but i had no idea that it would affect my mood so much. it's sticky and hot, or it's windy and cold and rainy. it never seems to be good.

i'm going in for an interview tomorrow for a day job. *fingers crossed*

this city is so, so, so, so big, it's so overwhelming.

i don't know really what else to blog. i miss my blacksburg friends and my kids. i talked to one of my 7th graders online today, and this kid hadn't realized that i'd left and moved to new york. it's think of 7th graders on instant messenger.

anyway. happy entrails.



  • At 11:54 AM , Anonymous your ga jeh said...

    your canadian skin will come back.. just u wait.. Once a canadian always a canadian.. Plus when the snow comes, it'll make you happy. there's nothing more magical then seeing a city covered in snow and xmas lights. New York is perfect during the holidays.

    put on a hat (cuz you've got a million), and a scarf, and you'll be golden.

  • At 10:26 AM , Anonymous wes said...

    yeah they better be damn perfect!


    we're very excited about them vanissa and can't want to see :)

    we all love the little casey drawing


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