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Friday, September 30, 2005

damn. i don't know if i can handle this cold. damn!

well, yesterday was an interesting day. due to creative incompatibility, i left my job permanently yesterday afternoon. and i came home to a parking ticket (and in NY they are fxxking expensive). and then i cleaned the apartment for a good 4-5 hours.

the bathroom looks brand spanking new, which is nice. but i'm all disoriented. i have a job interview at 2pm. it's in the city. i need to go to the gym and i need to figure out the train system so that i can get there, but i'm too cold. it's so cold here. and when i'm cold, i don't want to do anything.


i miss good weather already. there really hasn't been ONE day that i have been even okay with the weather here. it's either too hot, too humid, or too rainy, windy, and cold. and the skies are gloomy. no wonder the people here are so angry all the time.


i hope the day gets better. i should get off my butt and go work out.



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