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Thursday, September 29, 2005

it is cold and rainy outside and i am reminded of the sacrifice i made to live in New York City. yes, right now i miss the West Coast very much. the West Coast and its clear blue skies, and its everyday, consistent, sunny weather.


and i have a 30 minute walk home after work. argh.

i drove around yesterday. got lost a little. found out that there are no right turns on red in New York. my friend Rik (producer of the rap video) and i went to Astoria, Queens and watched Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. it was good although i was kinda tired. we spent the rest of the day walking around the posh part of williamsburg, eating sicilian pizza slices at anna marie's, drinking expensive coffee and eating top-of-the-line tiramisu at an authentic italian cafe.

a nice day off.

and now i'm here. stuck, being a slave artist for the jews. it's not even really an artist position. more of a whipping boy position. i draw all these things they ask me to draw. i come up with like, 40 different designs. and the lady i work for, she rips them apart, criticizes me, BELITTLES me, and then sends me back to do the designs over again, only to come back later, and as she is renditioning, have her choose an idea or a design or pattern that i'd previously drawn. and then she takes credit for it.

tell me that's not BULLSHIT.

uugghhh. 40 more minutes til freedom. i keep telling myself, it's only a part-time position.

my eyes are tired from going through the jobs on craig's list. craig's list grips at your desperation like no other...i am seriously addicted.


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