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Monday, July 25, 2005

here is a glorious photo of Romance 101 on display at the Easy Chair bookstore.

my sincere thank-you (again) to the Easy Chair staff. you guys are so nice!!!

that's really all the news i have for now.

it's a very humid day =P.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

i haven't gone into town too much the past couple of days due to my three "chosen" nephews who unexpectedly came to visit. so instead of a first weekend of planning out storyboards and designing new logos and a new business card, my time was spent barbequing, watching bunny cartoons, tickle tortures, laughing like seals, and watching them due "backwards canonballs" off of the diving board.

ah, well, it was time well spent.

progress: a copy of Romance 101 has appeared in the window display at the Easy Chair bookstore. so now i have ultimate advertisement downtown blacksburg .. thanks guys!!

in the works: publishing and advertising.

i do not have a degree in business, so seriously, anyone who can help me out in this area...that would be nice.

oh, i have just also picked up 13 more copies of Romance 101...HOT OFF THE PRESS...11 which still need homes, so please, anyone who has not ordered one, please email me now!

i've also been getting some positive feedback from people who have received their copies - thanks everyone. compliments are great, and so are criticisms, so please feel free to tell me how you really feel.


Friday, July 22, 2005

you want to see us.

originally uploaded by v a n i s s a.
my kids say: you want to see us play basketball and act all cool doing our cool shots and poses.

and i say: yes, you want to see my photos. :D
i seriously thought it was going to be the end of pigmint strips when yesterday i was diagnosed with strep throat, and suffered severe fever chills for about 24 hours straight.

after sweating buckets away, i am now alive and seemingly well.

hanging on with claws of desperation, i was sending text messages like, "you can have my vhs collection," and "i want you to know that i've always loved you and by the way, i have always really hated how you part your hair and let that one curl fall on your forehead."

but, to everyone's dismay, i woke up somewhat refreshed, and it no longer feels like someone is shoving needles down my throat when i swallow, so i can start eating again. yay!

progress with the strips are coming along. the second book should be done by .. mmm, a week. i am trying to think of a good title for it. suggestions, comments welcome.

i don't know how long it is going to be yet, but it shouldn't be longer than 40 pages.

and the thank you page won't be as comprehensive this time, since i thanked all you !@#$'s so generously in Romance 101.

OH YES! i ordered two ophelia shirts from last week and they came in the mail today! the quality of the shirts are really nice (most of them are by companies like american apparel and this one shirt is by this company called, Hyp) and they printed out, buy my tee-shirts, buy away!!

and on that note...

that is all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

greetings from shawsville where i work with the most hyper, insane, malicious, obnoxious, smelly kids in the southwest of virginia.

just kidding. i love my kids. i've come down with some kind of flu and am completely miserable. my drawings have gone from bizarre to bizarr-oh. something about boogers and brainwashing children by showing them a horror movie about collecting snotballs.

yes, my humor has become more and more depraved.


please check out my newest product featuring these ugly little aliens i've been drawing:

i may have to open an entirely separate store for this logo.

i think the message is strong.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

hello everyone. i know, three posts in one day??? well, i have to add some body to this. i forgot to mention the specialness of today. (let's hope that this isn't already starting out to be an ultra-boastful kind of blog, but then again, i'll always have zach's site whip my ass when it comes to the measurements of egotystical expression.

news: i had my very first in-store (not internet-store) sale of Romance 101. it occurred sometime last night at the local bookstore, Easy Chair which is located on main street right beside the post office. :D

so i went there after work and picked up my very first check from a bookstore and sold them two more copies of Romance 101. yes, yes, my work is in high demand!!

the taste of success was GLORIOUS!!! i even saved the voicemail the dude from the store left me.

oh, yes...and i had my very first interview for a local magazine called, TEXT, on sunday afternoon. thanks to the delightful and ambitious christine forte (the editor of Text), my fragile ego was stroked for nearly an hour's time. it also was glorious, and the interview will be available for reading pleasure hopefully mid-august. i'll keep you posted.

that's all.

just saying hi...and testing flickr.

originally uploaded by v a n i s s a.
i just recently upgraded my flickr account to flickr PRO* so i'm stoked..and will be utilizing it to photoblog. this right here is a cool shot of myself during one of my shifts as a youth counselor. :D
hi everyone. my name is vanissa and i am an artist.

after a .. mmm .. 6 month hiatus i decided to start up blogging again. i think i find it somewhat mastubatory. but with recent progress in my professional life, i thought putting something together would be a good way to keep friends and fans in the loop.

the past month i have spent most of my time working two insane jobs, but in my spare time i have started and completed my first illustrated book - Romance 101 - a picture book for adults, if you will.

there is potential for publication, as i am currently getting copies out to as many publishers as possible (any advice, referrals, would be nice). if you are interested in purchasing a copy of my book (i went ahead and printed it myself), please email me at, or send me $23 ($20 for the book, $3 for the shipping) through if you have a paypal account.

throughout this blog i will be posting bits and pieces from my current projects, including Romance 101 for everyone to get a feel of my style. i've also recently opened a store on the store features my work printed on t-shirts, stationary, and home office stuff like wall clocks and aprons. i even made boxer shorts and a love thong. :D it's pretty tight. if you would like to browse, please visit the store at

thank you for reading everyone, and many thanks to my friends and foes who i convinced to buy my book. :D