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Sunday, July 24, 2005

i haven't gone into town too much the past couple of days due to my three "chosen" nephews who unexpectedly came to visit. so instead of a first weekend of planning out storyboards and designing new logos and a new business card, my time was spent barbequing, watching bunny cartoons, tickle tortures, laughing like seals, and watching them due "backwards canonballs" off of the diving board.

ah, well, it was time well spent.

progress: a copy of Romance 101 has appeared in the window display at the Easy Chair bookstore. so now i have ultimate advertisement downtown blacksburg .. thanks guys!!

in the works: publishing and advertising.

i do not have a degree in business, so seriously, anyone who can help me out in this area...that would be nice.

oh, i have just also picked up 13 more copies of Romance 101...HOT OFF THE PRESS...11 which still need homes, so please, anyone who has not ordered one, please email me now!

i've also been getting some positive feedback from people who have received their copies - thanks everyone. compliments are great, and so are criticisms, so please feel free to tell me how you really feel.



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