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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hi, I'm back.

Wow, it has a been a million years. I do plan on getting back to this and being more active in the art community. The problem is that I am so bogged down by work and my professional life that I have had zero time to put my heart into art - my first love.

There is a little bit of news. Hopefully if all goes well, my Gwin will be featured in a Gwin Army show October 13th, in Long Beach, CA. This all depends on if I finish my Gwin on TIME....which is the challenge. Visit the Gwin Army. Next, Miguel Torres and I do plan on coming up with another collaborative piece, the first which is posted up top. Next, there is a little good news to report - that is that I have the #1 (sometimes #2) selling lesbian design on CafePress.Com. I think that's pretty awesome. You can check out the design here.

There's also the three episodes that Trev did of me for his New Pop Sensation series. There is talk about other episodes coming out as well, but it's still in the works. You can view the episodes at either my myspace or my PigmintArt.Com site in the About Me section.

Be patient, fans. I'll be coming back soon.