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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

hi everyone. my name is vanissa and i am an artist.

after a .. mmm .. 6 month hiatus i decided to start up blogging again. i think i find it somewhat mastubatory. but with recent progress in my professional life, i thought putting something together would be a good way to keep friends and fans in the loop.

the past month i have spent most of my time working two insane jobs, but in my spare time i have started and completed my first illustrated book - Romance 101 - a picture book for adults, if you will.

there is potential for publication, as i am currently getting copies out to as many publishers as possible (any advice, referrals, would be nice). if you are interested in purchasing a copy of my book (i went ahead and printed it myself), please email me at, or send me $23 ($20 for the book, $3 for the shipping) through if you have a paypal account.

throughout this blog i will be posting bits and pieces from my current projects, including Romance 101 for everyone to get a feel of my style. i've also recently opened a store on the store features my work printed on t-shirts, stationary, and home office stuff like wall clocks and aprons. i even made boxer shorts and a love thong. :D it's pretty tight. if you would like to browse, please visit the store at

thank you for reading everyone, and many thanks to my friends and foes who i convinced to buy my book. :D


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