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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

hello everyone. i know, three posts in one day??? well, i have to add some body to this. i forgot to mention the specialness of today. (let's hope that this isn't already starting out to be an ultra-boastful kind of blog, but then again, i'll always have zach's site whip my ass when it comes to the measurements of egotystical expression.

news: i had my very first in-store (not internet-store) sale of Romance 101. it occurred sometime last night at the local bookstore, Easy Chair which is located on main street right beside the post office. :D

so i went there after work and picked up my very first check from a bookstore and sold them two more copies of Romance 101. yes, yes, my work is in high demand!!

the taste of success was GLORIOUS!!! i even saved the voicemail the dude from the store left me.

oh, yes...and i had my very first interview for a local magazine called, TEXT, on sunday afternoon. thanks to the delightful and ambitious christine forte (the editor of Text), my fragile ego was stroked for nearly an hour's time. it also was glorious, and the interview will be available for reading pleasure hopefully mid-august. i'll keep you posted.

that's all.


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