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Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's been a million years, literally.....If I remember correctly, my friend Trevor, who directed my last episode on selling Friendship 101 to Jim Hanley's Universe, he jokingly recorded me pretending it was years later, and my life had totally flopped.

Well, thank GOD that isn't the case, but I have been extremely busy. There have been some not-so-wonderful moments, but I did come out unscathed (physically). Psychologically, heh, I'm not sure....really.

Well the best part about everything is that I have found somewhat new inspiration for art. The last two years I kind of went dead with creativity. All of my energy (well, most of it) went to my graduate work for my Masters in Education, and to my full-time position as a special needs classroom teacher.

The reason why I'm blogging now is because, 1) I'm done with grad school and I actually have two things I didn't have before, energy and time, and 2) because I have actually started drawing again which is somewhat of a miracle. So, in order for me to keep the momentum going, I thought I should start blogging again. It is rather pathetic how I haven't kept up with this blog, but the cool thing is is that I still have entries from 2005. That's kinda cool. I was reading some old posts and was tickled with how much vitality I had in my earlier posts. I really miss the free-spirited lifestyle I used to have, but then again, my life was completely different. Having no responsibilities, other than to feed yourself, is kind of an easy life.

Anyway. So new art. The above is an Obama piece I did just now. I plan on putting it on Cafepress so that I can make some mula, hopefully. I'm so broke right now, I would love to make money off of my art. I'm willing to draw anything at this point.

Lola's Boutique
, which is a lovely women's store right below my apartment, took interest in my work and has asked me to come up with religious iconic cartoons for a jewelry design idea. I drew a cartoon Jesus and colored him pink and had a blast. I'll post it at the end of this post. Who knows where the design will take me but it's going up on Cafepress too.

Hopefully this new momentum will get the James and Ophelia stuff going. It's been awhile, and I've been sitting on publishing Romance 101 for nearly 2 years now. I'm really due for some new drawings and website update, etc. Keeping my fingers crossed. You know how inspiration can just disappear like that.

Hope all is well. Enjoy bleeding Jesus, and....

Happy entrails.


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