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Sunday, October 16, 2005

a product of the Toy Design major, by an Otis College of Art & Design student. (!!)

you know you live in the williamsburg ghetto when...

when your safety depends on the operating hours of the circus of a supermarket right across from your apartment building.

thank God Sunday is on the weekend and that responsibilities are down to a bare minimum. it's 4 in the afternoon, and i haven't showered, still have bedhead, and am in the middle of doing laundry, after having had lunch before breakfast, and now breakfast, with a cold cup of coffee.

yes, everything is backwards today because last night i didn't get home til 5am or so from some east village apartment party, where i discovered that there are some southern white boys that can dance.

it's getting colder and i am getting more and more paranoid of the East Coast winter i have ahead of my little chinese head. i mean, if being in an overwhelmingly new environment isn't addition, i have the blizzard of my adult life to face.

i realize i am not well equipt. i do not know where i have placed my umbrella, i do not have boots or any kind of water/snow/ice proof shoes (i'm a flip flop girl, please), and the few winter coats i have are...oddly colored and now i am paranoid about my fashion faux pas. i mean, please, i am living in NYC, afterall.

i've been shopping around for art schools, and that really has consumed most of the weekend. yesterday i went to The Academy of Arts University recruiting session in Manhattan, and got to talk to a few "bigshots," including the ex-head of the illustration department, and the current co-head of the MFA Photography department. it looks like i may be getting a second bachelor's, and it would be in illustration. i'm also looking at The Art Center of Design in Pasadena and Otis College of Art & Design, which has a Toy Design major...wouldn't it be kickass to design toys for a living?! think of the cool christmas gifts i would be giving.

i start my new job tomorrow, and i need to locate paperwork. and i don't know how long this will take me. but hopefully it won't take too long so that i can fit in the gym, a train ride to manhattan, and to arrive at BB King's Blues club around 9ish to see MorningWood open for The Faint.

i know this post has lacked coherence, and my apologies. my attention is also distracted because, in addition to being a complete flake, there are 2 car alarms going off outside, and i'm also listening to the new Franz Ferdinand WHICH KICKS COMPLETE BLACK ARSE!!!!!!

i think my clothes are done.

happy entrailing, peeps.


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