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Thursday, October 13, 2005

being honest with instinct.

it takes guts to follow what they're trying to tell you. and after much personal meditation and putting my head together with a beloved life mentor and close, personal friend, i've made a very huge decision to sacrifice something incredibly important and precious to me to invest in something much, much more critical to me at this time: my growth. does all of this sound gay? well, i'm being vague, because it is personal, but all of it is very, very good and very, very positive, so, just to let you all know, things are on the upside.

the image above is a movie poster i completed today for my dear friend Seneca Haynes' movie, River of Dread. i hope he likes it.

and below...a sketch+photoshop piece i did recently, reviewing the lows of my emotional personality.

big, big interview tomorrow. must prep. everyone have a good night.



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