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Friday, October 14, 2005

new projects.

i know i'm crazy and take on too many projects, but seriously, having all these illustration projects is like heaven to me. i'm a half hour away from leaving for my interview and all i can think of is illustration projects, projects, and projects. i'm STOKED. this is so exciting.

so last week i started this "friends do this to friends" series. it's kind of like romance 101, only about friendship. throughout the course of my life, i feel like true friends have been really hard to come by, and more often than not, i get screwed over. after awhile, it gets old - don't you think? i'm sure you guys know what i mean.

so, i started sketching this new series, and heh, posted is an example of the outcome. so far i have about 25 ideas. i need about ten more to have a completed series. let me know if you guys have any ideas. i love interaction from friends when it comes to my work.

<--posted here is another new illustration project i've been working on. i've conjoined heads with the brilliant ric parada to create this new series that we hope will leave us RICH AND FAMOUS! hehe. it started out as a comedy skit too, but now it has taken a whole new direction. it's a post-apocalyptic animation about orphaned kids who live under a city. i won't spill too much, but kids, watch for this. this is going to be great!

anyway, i gotta run. lots of stuff tonight with bar4/matchless owner larry's new bar opening and the heavyweights' second october show at pianos. hope to see you kids out there tonight.



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