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Friday, October 07, 2005

there's only so much you can do on the roof

yesterday was slightly productive. i'm starting to get used to working in my pjs as i have set up my new "office" in the center of my loft apartment. boris's desk is right next to mine, so now we're "co-workers," and i am left to reminisce of my old days in corporate america, hiding in my cubicle from my boss, listening to her 5 voicemails about the memo that got lost in cyberspace, and slowly, subconsciously planning "going postal" on everyone's asses with my very sharp pencils. only now, this time everything is pretend, so the situation is that much greater. an instant message will pop up on occasion, "THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL OFFICE!!!!!!!" between boris and the other original loft-dweller, the talented amy peters, there is enough insanity to make it seem like all of this is real.

high-light of my day

after spending hours "training" for my possible new job, i found my way to the infamous G-train and spent a couple hours in brooklyn heights, where my gym is located. and on my way to the bar (right after the gym, hehehe...nothing like ruining everything you've worked for in one night), sitting in the G-train, i noticed these four old men hanging out across from me. they were immigrants, but i don't know from where, and they were speaking some kind of unidentifiable language. they were really cute, so i started to sketch them, and i kept smiling at their silly gestures. since i couldn't hide my expressions, they noticed, and came over one by one to see what i was sketching. soon after i got to my stop and had to leave them, but they gestured that they wanted to have the sketch. since this was from my sketchpad, i had fresh notes i'd written minutes earlier so i was a little reluctant to give it to them, but i figured, what they hey, they're fresh notes...i can rewrite them later, and how could i reject the request from such sweet old men? so i ripped it out and gave it to them in haste so that i could get out of the train before the doors shut. from outside the train, i watched it go by and saw the four men through the window. they were all bunched together looking at my sketch, pointing and chuckling. :) anyway. they responded with such genuine laughter that i was really sincerely moved. and that was the high light of my day.

local correspondents, matchless, and networking

so last night was a good networking night at matchless. i met up with jessi and her LC partner, tanya buziak, and took a few photos of their featured musicians....all really fxxking talented, i was seriously shocked. one artist in particular who really knocked my socks off is the talented christina rubino, whose strong character is very clearly exemplified by her dominant voice and fearless stage presence. her performance literally awoke me from my mindless sketching and my concentration was so interrupted that i had no choice but to watch her perform and listen to what she had to say. i actually wrote down these lyrics which i liked very much, "I could see God in your face/Kiss the gods in their face," and "Desperate now/Hold the light." christina is also an artist too, and her work featuring her dead doll character can be seen in matchless's foozball room. needless to say, she has a new fan ;).

christina rubino - lighting a cigarette outside Matchless.

the two lovely hosts, jessi robertson and tanya buziak

the other musicians were all really amazing too, and i unfortunately didn't get to mingle with too much. with my camera and my sketchpad around, i am a little spacey and introverted. to view the new photos, please click here.

hi mom

so i just recently found out that more people than i thought read this blog, and with all the new networking (aka, netwhoring) i am and will be doing, i'm sure the numbers will only increase. one very important person in particular who i just found out reads my blog is my mom. hi mom! i love you! i'm not going out and getting drunk every night and smoking my lungs out and spending large amounts of cash i don't have and kissing strange men, so please, please, please, do not worry! (and don't pay attention to the photos of me doing such things, everything is staged and i am just acting, i swear.) i am very well-behaved, i'm serious!!!!! eh...heh heh.

so, commentators, with respect, please keep your comments rated PG. leave the R and X rated stuff to me.

tonight's the night

so tonight is the first October friday show of The Undisputed Heavyweights. it's at 10PM at Pianos on 158 Ludlow Street, and YOU SHOULD GO...not only because the Heavyweights kick a lot of ass, but also because i'm going to be there. :D

so, on that note, everyone have a great Friday, and i'll see you tonight.

happy entrails,


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