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Sunday, October 16, 2005

the best band in the world

i'm still convinced that The Faint is the best band in the world. pictures will be posted soon...i just need to recharge my batteries. it's late at night, and i'm wide awake. i think somehow i'm tuned into West Coast time. i think subconsciously i want to be back there...ohhh oh oh...i miss the weather...the sun....the...

the show tonight was orgasmic. there really is no other way of putting it. they are AMAZING!! AAAMMAAAAZZINNNGGG!!!! if i could only scream right now...i would scream, AAAMMAAAZZZINNNGGG!!! but i'm currently in my loft with three sleeping roommates.

ahhh...i could drool all night.

so much for an intellectual post.

BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!


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