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Sunday, October 30, 2005

pumpkins taste good.

has anyone ever tried pumpkin icecream? it's AWESOME...i have yet to find some, but when i do, i'll be digging into that.

so i've been literally *missing in action* because i've been working full time and i hardly have any time to draw, at all. :( the good thing is, i'm concentrating on working out which is sooo sooo nice because i haven't really been on a consistent regimen in a long time, and i was beginning to feel the bad effects of partying too much, staying up and out late, and not working out on a regular basis.

so...with working full time, focusing on a new gym routine, getting used to riding the trains, and falling miserably deeper into a financial hole, i haven't had much time to work on any of my illustrative projects..which is my FOCUS for this week.

i talked to an artist friend of mine who is in blacksburg tonight and he reminded me of how much i missed the small town atmosphere of some of the cafes there like bollo's, and i realized that what i really need now is a good cafe where i can plant myself down for a few hours and draw in peace and quiet.

i think there is a good cafe nearby my work in downtown brooklyn, so that's my goal of this week.

i would blog more, but i'm tired and i need sleep, and my body has been battling germs, and serious allergies the past week, so i better take care of myself.

hope everyone is well......thanks for reading. i promise i'll come back and get back on track with posting.



  • At 12:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i miss you yo! =)



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