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Monday, October 31, 2005


i've been getting these episodic headaches lately..i wonder if they're migraines. they're subtle in pain, but somehow it spreads through my entire body and i pretty much feel like crap. i'm trying to figure out if it is due to a lack of sleep, or something in my diet....i'm not sure.

maybe i'm not drinking enough water.

well, with that, my bad sleeping schedule, my addiction to myspace, and my ridiculously unproductive rut i've been in lately due to personal issues in my life...RAAAHHHHH!!!! my life will NEVER BE DRAMALESS and it is SO ANNOYING.

i'm learning a lot of new traffic laws here in the big apple. and to be honest, they all quite suck. i don't think i've ever despised driving anywhere as much as i despise driving here. i would even endure hours of Northern Virginia traffic -- and the drivers there are unGodly.

my car has become quite a burden and i really thought i would have sold it by now. but i am also sentimentally attached to my little chino....he is, afterall, my home when i am not under a roof. i don't want it to be the end between us....i just love him so so so so much...

halloween today was all right. i was disappointed, actually, in the lack of enthusiasm by the people at work. HALLOWEEN IS A CHANCE TO BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE, NO MATTER HOW WEIRD, GROTESQUE, or EXTREME!!!! it is a free ticket to be a complete freak in every setting!!! what could be better??!! i was not around the right crowd today, but then again, i was at work. and i have to work really early tomorrow, so going out tonight was out of the question. which ... breaks my little asian commie heart.

which brings me to a new pact to myself: i will have a BLASTING halloween next year. no matter where i am, i'm going to go all out with the fake blood, the eye make up, the's going to rock and i'm going to be with a fitting crowd, too.

my 25th birthday is in ONE week. just in time for my car insurance to go down. and now i am on the brink of being carless. isn't that classic? classic vanissa luck.

artistically i've been in a rut. i think i have too many personal issues going on and my outlet lately has been running on the treadmill and pumping iron. this week i'm on a search for a drawing spot. that and cleaning out the apartment. a close friend of mine is coming up for my birthday weekend.....i hope things will be good. i usually am a depressing mess on my birthday. last year i got a parking ticket, AND i got pulled over, and the cop was a complete dick. i also had to work, and i cried my eyes out.


enough. i must sleep.


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