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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sausage Party

Last night I spent about two hours waiting in the cold on 34th and Madison for the annual Ringling Bros. Elephant walk. It was SO cold. I had just worked out right beforehand, so I didn't feel that bad at first, but after about an hour or so, my fingers were frostbitten and I was risking a serious case of hypothermia.

My buddy Keith and I were out there like two photography nerds well equipt with three cameras. The cold, however, sucked all the battery life out of the cameras, and by the time the elephants walked by, we only successfully captured one shot. PATHETIC!!!!!

Peta people and other angry citizens who are anti-circus/anti-animal-jail were running down the streets following the elephants, screaming, "FREE THE ELEPHANTS!!!" It was quite a sight.

Keith and I gave up shortly after and headed to chinatown for some late night grub. Ah. I am really starting to love New York.

Anyway, down to business.

Other than freezing from time to time and overcoming various strands of the flu, things have been moving forward. The Blacksburg signing at the EasyChair Bookstore is this Saturday, March 25th, at 1PM. I'll be in town from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. I hope to squeeze in as much play time as possible with all my friends...I can't wait!! Huckleberry Trail, Bollo's, The Underground, The Cellar, Mish Mish, CrossRoads....El Guadelupes'...Ahh..deliciousness.

I'm currently working with a friend of mine to make Romance 101 and Friendship 101 a little more published-looking. So far, I've received two dummies from my partner, Hoyu, and they're fantastic. Most likely these beautiful copies will be available in April.

SHOWS! The Bar 4 show is STILL not certain. :( But I'm working on it.

However, I do have a spot in a collaborative show at Capone's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on the 11th of April, thanks to my girl, Jessi Robertson, the genius head of the Local Correspondants. Details will be posted soon.

PROJECTS. I've got two new ones. They're secrets for now.

To my Blacksburg fellows - see you real soon.


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