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Sunday, March 26, 2006


I must say one of the best things about moving back to the East Coast is getting to return to my old hometown, Blacksburg. While I've lived in many different places and in very different settings, I do have to say Blacksburg is more home to me than any town I have ever lived in.

Right now I'm still traveling - currently in North Beach, MD, and will be spending tomorrow in NOVA to catch up with old friends and family, and then Tuesday I'll be driving up to Philadelphia to visit a college buddy. Wednesday marks my arrival back in Brooklyn.

Blacksburg was short but too bittersweet. It's a little difficult emotionally to be bombarded with friendly old faces and their most sincere gestures in less than a 24 hour period and then have to say goodbye to it all so quickly again. I wish I could have stayed longer, but right now freelancing doesn't really afford too much time away from working.

The booksigning went well (otherwise, I would have cried, seriously). The night before I was so anxious and excited that I was only able to get about two hours sleep. One of my students from last fall came with a friend and doodled in sketchbooks for nearly two hours straight (very talented kids). A few of my old teachers from Elementary and Middle school stopped by, as well as some family friends, and the doctor who saved my life last August when I was suffering a most severe case of tonsillitus and had to have surgery. Several friends, new and old, also made it a point to show up and give their support. If any of you are reading this, I want you to know that I'm extremely gratuitous for your continued support and friendship. Please know that if you're ever in need of a couch in New York that there is one waiting for you in Brooklyn.

And while I don't want to beat the dead horse - I really do want to stress how important my rapport with my supporters and fans are. My main priority when it comes to my work is being able to reach my audience on a personable and intimate level. Without that response and reassurance that I'm succeeding in reaching people with my message, humor, point-of-view, ..I mean, seriously, why draw these nutty cartoons? My own amusement really isn't enough for me.

It's 2AM and time for bed. I will be picture blogging some photos of my time in Blacksburg soon. Special thanks to the EasyChair Bookstore for hosting the event and for being continuously supportive of my work. I hope we can do it again soon.



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