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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New New New!!!

Hi friends. Sorry for the lack of updating lately. There's been *A LOT* going on here in the city, and I haven't had much time to breathe. I'll have to try and list everything in an organized manner. I swear my head is about to explode.

There are plenty of new developments, and things are going in the right direction..auugghh my head hurts.

New Developments.
1) Bar 4 Show: For local friends and fans, I will be having an opening *soon* at Bar 4 in Park Slope. I'm not sure when it will be, we're still in the early stages of planning, so keep checking back on the status of this.

2) Website: I have a new domain name. It is PigmintArt.Com. There will be a website soon completely designed by me. Clicking there now will forward you to my new portfolio website which is....

3) Portfolio:Pigmint.CarbonMade.Com. Props to Jason Nelson for the site and a big thank you to him too, for having me on board his site!

4) Friendship 101 Online Sales: As announced already, Friendship 101 is in print and selling. Right now it is available at my portfolio site in the "About" section, as well as on my MySpace page. Romance 101 is also available.

5) New CafePress Store: I recently upgraded from using CafePress's free store service to their premium account, which means my stores are now all merged into one, and a lot more organized. Please visit my new store at CafePress.Com/PigmintArt. There are a few new sections (my friend Greg's band, Maybe The Welders is a new one), and there will be more new sections added over time. So, keep your eye out! And, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

6) The Pigmint Rep Team: This is an idea I have had for about 3-4 months now. When I was 18 I followed the band Guster religiously, and back then they were very, very grassroots. They had a very strong following, and the way they spread their music was through their Rep Team. Basically what a Rep does is promote the work of the artist. For Guster, I sold cds, made them money, and sent them their profits. In return I would get into their shows for free, get free mailings that included goodies like stickers, posters, and tshirts, etc., etc. The Pigmint Rep Team would be similar to that.

Right now I am looking to recruit reps in major cities. I currently have contacts in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, and of course, Las Vegas. I'm looking to expand by number of reps and by cities (haha yes, I have plans to take over the world).

I will have to post again a more detailed version of the responsibilities of a rep and how it will work, but it will be something along the lines of this:

Ordering books (currently Romance 101, Friendship 101) in bulk and sell them to potential Pigmint fans, setting up consignment deals in local comic stores and book stores, and helping with grassroots production and promotion.

In return.....I haven't exactly worked this part out yet, but it will include something like mailings, freebies and discounts on items, and a chance to! Ahhhaa, I'm so cheezy.

7) Easy Chair Booksigning, Blacksburg, VA: It's been nearly 6 months since I've been home to Blacksburg, VA, and I'm itching for a return. I have been conspiring with the Easy Chair gang, and plan on returning for a booksigning event that will take place at the Easy Chair Bookstore on 101 South Main St., at 1PM on Saturday, March 25th.

Much thanks to Russell, Anne, Chris.....Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I currently need Blacksburg reps, and QUICK, for advertising this event!!!

I'm really excited for the visit, because I miss my friends, and I miss the cozy, small town feel of the Burg. I also can't wait to have wings at The Underground. YUMMMMMM.....

_ _ _

So that's it for most of the news. I'm exhausted just from posting all of that. Thanks for reading, and have a great March 1st!



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