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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Hi folks. Been a while since I've posted, but I've been busy as ever, applying to art school, jobs, trying to get my life in order..etc., etc. It's been mad. January's over! I can't believe it. But February is going to be great, especially with Valentine's Day around the corner ;).

So, a few things. Friendship 101 is FINALLY DONE. I mean, seriously, after awhile it was like PULLING TEETH. I finally finished over the weekend (finally, finally). It's crazy how Romance 101 came so naturally and easily...I feel like I slaved over Friendship 101. I hope my readers are impressed with it....I hope that, as a "sophomore release," it does all right.

With it came a whole new line of graphic tees n' stuff, which is cool. Here's a flier advertising my Friendship 101 Hoodies:

Anyway, things are crazy. My head is like, about to explode. But, it's ok. One of the best things (well, it's a little unnerving) is that I've just recently gone full time with my freelancing, ...which is a huge step, and happened a lot sooner than I anticipated.

I'm working on building a new website (will probably be something like, new portfolio, and looking to submit my work to publishers, as well as build a community of representatives (and benefactors, should there be any who *really* believe in me and want to *invest* in me) to advertise my work. But I'll elaborate on that later when I finish a few more things.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of Friendship 101, I'm selling the first printing for $15 (usually, they're $20, so get it while it's still cheap!). Drop me an email @ Romance 101 is also still available (but very limited). And if you're interested in my new store, please visit

Thank you!

And Happy Chinese New Year's!


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